Aia Preconstruction Services Agreement

The AIA Documents Committee also met with industry representatives to obtain input for the site manager`s update as a consultant (CMa). In this model, the CMa offers a collaboration in the construction phase, but does not offer construction. Documents related to this model will be used for projects involving more than one contractor, but they can also be used when there is only one contractor. The CMa coordinates contractors and other services in the construction phase. The revisions to these documents include extending the scope of the CMa to further reviews and analyses, as well as coordination and management measures. Unlike the design-Bid-Build method that follows a linear process, that is, if construction precedes construction, the CMc deployment method is not. Industry comments confirmed that some aspects of construction, such as ordering long lead items. B, demolition, construction work, foundations, etc., begin during the construction phase before the owner issues full notification of the lawsuit. To accommodate this possibility, the CMc documents now contain a provision confirming that the construction phase begins with the implementation of the PMO amendment (A133-2019), the approval of the control estimate (A134-2019) or prior to acceptance or approval “with the written agreement of the parties.” With the intention of providing the parties with as much flexibility as possible in the development of this written agreement, CMc`s documents simply require the parties to describe CMc`s early work and detail all insurance and borrowing requirements for this work. Terms such as timing, compensation, retention, compensation and dispute resolution can be added by the parties upon request. The CMcs will be set up at the beginning of the pre-construction phase of a project to provide cooperation and input, which will allow for greater efficiency from the start of the project. They also do the construction. The AIA Documents Committee received input from representatives of CMc`s large companies to update CMc documents.

Significant changes to CMc documents include greater flexibility in the implementation of the CMc`s pre-construction phase services and a provision allowing parties to agree to the commissioning of part of the work prior to the maximum guaranteed price (GMP) amendment. Documents A133 and A134 each have a new issue of insurance and bonds. In addition, an exhibition of sustainable projects, E234-2019, was designed to integrate the CMc into a sustainable project. “I think [the update] is a change that needs to keep up with the practical changes that have taken place in the sector,” he said.