Confidentiality Agreement Ogp

This form focuses on the tasks and responsibilities of the evaluation team as part of a formal contracting process. Each member of the evaluation team is required to sign a confidentiality agreement regarding the commercial information provided by the companies that are the subject of a call for tenders. Each member of the evaluation team must also declare any conflict of interest related to memberships or other entities participating in the tendering procedure. Contracting authorities are recommended to carefully read the revised templates, user manuals, eESPD information instructions and instructions and the GDPR information notice and, where appropriate, to obtain legal advice. Please note that user manuals will be amended in due course to reflect the latest changes to the models. The Office of Government Procurement (OGP) has been publishing a standard suite of templates since April 2016. Templates designed for tenders above the EU threshold will be used by contracting authorities (ministries and public authorities) for low- to medium-risk goods and services. CAUTION: These documents should not be processed outside of the specified text fields and free text boxes. This will reduce the legal status of the document. These models have been revised several times, for example after the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation in May 2018. The formatting of the documents has also been subject to slight changes in response to the reactions of the contracting authorities.

These documents must be used for the performance of the contract after the completion of the tendering phase: the following documents must be used when opening a tendering procedure:. .