Dcf Security Agreement

If you entered guardianship or were adopted in your late teen years, your guardian or adoptive parent may receive support from DCF until the age of 22. YES! DCF can continue to work with you until you are 22 years old. DCF will offer each young adult the opportunity to continue DCF services beyond the age of 18. In order for DCF to accept your application after your 18th birthday, you must agree to certain things that you should discuss with your social worker/outreach collaborator and lawyer. If you want to stay in dcF care and DCF accepts, “log in”. They are called “young adults” rather than “children”. Yes, you are entitled to services until you are 22 years old. You should contact the DCF regional office where you live and inform yourself that you wish to apply for services. Normally, your social worker decides what they offer you for accommodation, but will think about what you want. You can live in a care home, housing, student residence, your own home, group home, housing program or independent housing program. If your social worker offers you a housing situation that doesn`t work for you, talk to your lawyer. If you register, you remain in DCF care. You sign a voluntary intermediation agreement that states that you voluntarily agree to benefit from DCF`s services.

You have to agree to do certain things (for example.B.