Difference Between A Tender And Agreement

Tender Manager – The title is often interchangeable for Bid Manager, but offers are by nature project-based with a starting and finishing point. On the other hand, the tender manager has traditionally been responsible for overseeing the lifecycle of tendering, from identifying and transforming important business opportunities to monitoring and submitting responses to tenders, and the ongoing review of the bid management process. A tendering manager can also be recruited from the tendering site to manage the bidding requirements, to oversee the tendering process and to negotiate contracts (sometimes called Tender and Contracts Manager). The difference is that tender documents are offered to as many contractors as possible in order to obtain the lowest bids for the work indicated, while contractual documents are signed only with the contractor with the lowest offers or rates. Nyree McKenzie is Managing Director and owner of Thought Bubble, a business development and communications consultant specializing in proposals, tenders, major supply management programs, marketing and corporate communications. She is a trusted advisor to CEOs, board members and business development leaders of leading brands and global companies throughout the Asia-Pacific region. [email protected] www.thoughtbubble.com.au Hii Gopal thanks to the clarification of tender documents and contract documents by example This is the process by which we decide who is the best supplier. The tender is the finished and prefabricated document in terms of price, which contains all the conditions and specifications. We usually invite at least 5 suppliers to submit an offer.

The tender is issued to all suppliers on the same day. They are not allowed to advertise or to conflict with us, other than to seek clarity. The time it will take to set prices and bid depends on the complexity of contracting; it is usually about 4 to 6 weeks. All offers must be returned by us before a specific date and time before opening. While the tender documents contain the terms of the contract and all the details for the work indicated, there is no big difference in content between the two. However, tender documents cannot be submitted in the form of an acceptance letter (LOA), as they are two distinct types of documents. While a tender document cannot compel the contractor to process the work, a contractual document requires the contractor to complete the work in accordance with the agreement. Thank you gopal for your accuracy. The contractor`s final price is based on the tender documents, so we can include tender documents to LOA, if not why. Documents made available to the contractor during the tendering phase may also be mentioned in the form of a contract document in LOA.

The LOA documents contain all the documents in the tender file as well as the revised rates indicated by the contractor. However, the tendering file is not the acceptance of the contractor who completes the work in accordance with the conditions set out in it.