Equity Transfer Agreement

5.7 Any delay or non-application of the terms of this share transfer agreement and any delay in the event of a violation of its clause by a party does not constitute a waiver of those rights. 6. VARIATION This share transfer agreement may be amended and any changes must be made in writing by both parties. The transfer of equity is a legal clause in English for the process of partial transfer of ownership of a share or property from one entity to another. [1] The assignor wishes to transfer the shares to the purchaser on the terms set out in this share transfer agreement. This capital transfer agreement will be signed by the following two parties on 1 January 2019 in Yi Chun City, Jiangxi Province, on the basis of friendly advice, equality, volunteerism, mutual benefit and reciprocity. 5.14 This share transfer contract can be executed either as an original or in addition to a pendant. 5.10 Unless the text of a clause and the entire share transfer contract indicate that a specific clause must mean something other than: all words that are only in the singular are considered plural (and vice versa) and all words indicated in a given sex are considered to be all sexes and all terms that refer to any form of person or person , are considered to be both legal entities (for example. B companies) and individuals (and vice versa). PandaTip: This is an agreement to transfer shares (or shares).

This share transfer agreement can be used to transfer shares to private and public companies and can be used instead of a relocation form or in addition to one. This share transfer agreement can also be amended to include all special transfer-related conditions that would not be possible with a re-metization form and that would be suitable for the transfer of shares in more than one company and in several classes of shares. 7. THE COMMUNICATIONS OF NOTICES TRANSMITTED IN THE PRESENT CONVENTION OF TRANSFERT OF ACTIONS MUST BE SIGNIFIED BY ÉCRIT AND TRANSMITTED ONLY IF they are personally transmitted by one party to another party or delivered to the delivery address of the party concerned. Communications can only be sent and distributed in English. Prior to the signing of the Equity Transfer Agreement, Part A implemented the obligation to implement other shareholders in writing on transfer issues, in accordance with the provisions of laws and rules such as corporate law of the People`s Republic of China, etc., as well as the statutes of Baoqing County Lvxin Paddy Rice Specialized Planted (hereafter simply referred to as company). , and Part A meets the conditions for transferring equity to a party other than the shareholders. Well, in accordance with the provisions of laws and rules such as the corporate law of the People`s Republic of China, etc., as well as the statutes of the founding of the society, after friendly negotiations, and in accordance with the principles of equality, mutual benefit, good faith and credibility, Party A and Party B here matter the agreement of transfer of funds for joint supervision. 4. RESULTS OF THE FORMALITÉ IT is agreed that if the planned transfer of shares will not be effective due to a lack of formalities (including, but not only the incorrect registration of the transfer in the company`s registers or following a refusal by the directors of the company whose shares are transferred), the transfer of all economic shares of the shares by the creation of a trust in favour of the beneficiary in which the shares form the subject, and the assignor is the agent.