Eu Turkey Readmission Agreement 2013

2. Turkey authorizes the transit of third-country or stateless nationals when requested by a Member State, and a Member State authorizes the transit of third-country or stateless nationals, where requested by Turkey, if further travel to other transit countries and readmission by the destination state is assured. The terms of the expedited readmission procedure; 1. Turkey, at the request of a Member State and without any other formal implementation, to be completed by that Member State without anything other than that provided for by this agreement, takes all persons who do not do so or who no longer do so, the necessary conditions to enter the territory of the requesting Member State or reside in the territory of the requesting State. , provided it is established, in accordance with Article 9, that they are nationals of Turkey. 4. After the Member State has responded positively to the request for readmission or, if necessary, after the expiry of the time limits set out in Article 11, paragraph 2, the authorities of the Member State whose readmission has accepted the necessary means of travel on his return establish, if necessary, within three working days, a validity period of at least three months. In the absence of diplomatic representation or consular service of the Member State in Turkey or if the Member State has not issued the travel document within three working days, the mailing number is considered to be the authorisation to use the EU`s standard travel document for deportation (3). 3. After consultation or, if necessary, after the deadlines in paragraph 2 have expired, the person concerned is transferred within three months. At the request of the requesting state, this period may be extended for persons who use legal or practical barriers. 4. Turkey or a Member State may revoke any authorization issued if, subsequently, circumstances occur or are revealed in accordance with paragraph 3 of this article and which impede transit, or if the continuation of the journey through possible transit states or readmission by the destination state is no longer assured.

In this case, the requesting state withdraws, if necessary and without delay, the third country national or the stateless. It is not surprising that Turkish officials, from the Prime Minister to the Minister for Foreign Affairs to the Minister for Relations with the EU, have measured the level of visa liberalisation of the readmission agreement, paying little attention to the EU`s concerns. Nevertheless, it can be said that at least some progress has been made in addressing these concerns, albeit in silence. For example, much closer cooperation is under way between Turkey and Greece on the existing bilateral readmission agreement and the prevention of illegal transfers at sea and on land between Turkey and Greece.