Mandate And Fee Agreement

6. The law firm reserves at all times the right to require the payment of conservation fees prior to the provision of legal services and, since it has the right to defer payment for the services provided, there is no agreement to defer payment for the services provided, although an invoice may be drawn up after the provision of services to quantify costs or circumstances may arise where services can be provided without deduction. As a result, no credit contract can be entered into between the parties unless the law firm consents in a written document signed by its agent/s. 5. At any time, the law firm has the right, for any funds it has recovered, held or received under any mandate, to use the funds transferred and pledged for the law firm`s fees and payments, at any time and for any reason, by the debtor or a related party. 1. This memorandum covers the standard pricing agreement between MAHARAJ ATTORNEYS (the law firm) and the parties who take their services from time to time in the mouth (the debtor). (3) The law firm`s fees are self-determined and are paid by the debtor without any application, taxation or taxation, since this is an essential clause in the terms of the registry`s terms of engagement under which the debtor must pay the fees set by the law firm, or that he may use the services of an alternative law firm. 14. The debtor is deemed to accept the costs of the registry if he is unable to challenge in writing any object on the Registry`s time-to-time expense note that is set out in its entirety upon receipt of the dispute. 15.

Special charges that deviate from the terms of this agreement are taken in writing and signed by the agent/registry. 13. All necessary accommodations and meals are located in business hotels that the law firm determines at its sole discretion. 11. The Registry has the right to apply a 25% increase on costs for emergency procedures, benefits after 5 p.m., weekends and holidays, as well as in foreign laws. 8. If the law firm departs from one of the conditions set out in this memorandum, it is at all times infringing on its rights, what rights are reserved for an indeterminate period, and this derogation does not constitute a waiver of its rights, a compromise, an amendment, an estoppel or, by other means, a replacement or derogation from the provisions of this memorandum, unless the law firm accepts it in a written document signed by its agent. The debtor is responsible for the immediate payment of all fees charged by the law firm, which include all fees prescribed from time to time by the registry and payments at their real value, plus the VAT set on them. (4) At the request of the law firm, the debtor pays the retention that the law firm may request from time to time as collateral for the costs incurred and the debtor authorizes the registry to use the retainer for the counting of costs when they are incurred, which funds are transferred and pledged for the costs and payments of the registry. (10) All fees are charged from time to time in five-minute stages at an hourly rate imposed by the law firm in five-minute increments, and this rate is increased in January of each year to a percentage set by the law firm, and it is the debtor`s duty to familiarize itself with these annual increases. 12.