Portable Live Sound Rental Calculator

Small sound system rental calculator

For portable live sound system rentals in Sacramento and the surrounding area, please start by entering the dates when you will need to pick-up and when you would like to return the system. Once you enter the dates, the correct rental calculator will load on the page.

Daily Rate: will load for Monday thru Thursday Pick-Up’s with return the next day.

Weekend Rate: will load for Friday Pick-Up’s with Monday return (we are closed on weekends).

Weekly Rates: used when Picked-Up on any weekday and returned the following week on the day prior to the Pick-Up day. Any rental that doesn’t use Daily or Weekend rate will use Weekly rate.

The typical/ideal configuration for a portable live sound system would consist of:

  • 2 JBL PRX712 speakers w/stands
  • 2 JBL SRX818SP subwoofers (2 for dance music, or 1 for less bass)
  • Microphones (wired or wireless, your choice – up to 6 total wired or wireless)
  • 1 Mixer
  • 1 CD player (your choice)

All cables up to 50′ in length included with rental. If you plan to connect your iPod or computer, please specify iPod/computer adaptor (included upon request).

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Wireless Microphones

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