Suakin Agreement

The deals come three months after Turkey officially opened a $50 million military training base in Somalia, given that it is increasingly influential in the region. Arab media widely reported that the 13 agreements between Sudan and Turkey – worth $650 million – were actually funded by Qatar. In November, Qatar announced it would develop a port with Sudan on the Red Sea. The countries also agreed to “build a wharf to maintain civilian and military ships,” Ghandour told reporters, adding that they had signed an agreement “that could lead to any kind of military cooperation.” On Thursday, several media outlets claimed that the agreement between Sudan and Turkey on the island could soon come to an end. In 2017, the leaders of the two countries signed 12 separate cooperation agreements in the fields of security, tourism and military cooperation, while Turkey was tasked with rebuilding an Ottoman-era seaport on Suakin Island and a wharf for civilian and military purposes. With the aim of making the island an important tourist center especially dedicated to Hajj pilgrims, TIKA began restoration work in January 2018. Meanwhile, Sudan and Qatar signed a $4 billion deal in March for the development of the port in the city. Other agreements signed during Erdogan`s visit include Turkish investments in the construction of Khartoum`s new airport and private sector investments in cotton production, power generation and the construction of grain silos and meat slaughterhouses. Before the coup in Sudan, Turkish navy ships arrived in the port city in March 2019 to strengthen defense and security cooperation. According to reports, Turkey should establish a land, naval and air base on the port island in order to exert greater influence in the African region. There is also an agreement to extend Turkey`s military presence to the port and its coasts.

Not only will Turkish forces be deployed in Suakin if the deal is felt, but they have also deployed to Mogadishu, Somalia. The collapse of the Abbasids and the growth of Fatimid Egypt changed that, and Al-Qusayr and Aydhab became important Emporia, which traded with India and transported African pilgrims to Mecca. Suakin was first mentioned by name in the 10th century by al-Hamdani, who says it was already an ancient city. At that time, Suakin was a small village in Beja, but it began to expand after the abandonment of the port of Badi in the south….