Uc Santa Cruz Month To Month Rental Agreement

Santa Cruz County does not require a lease to be certified, notarized, submitted or registered. It is valid during the execution. The landlord and tenant must keep a copy of the rental agreement in a safe place. Up to 1 month free on a 12-month lease and $1,000 off our “Look -Lease” special if you sign a lease within 24 hours of your first visit. (Valid for selected two-bedroom residences) The owner may limit the number of occupants. The tenant agrees not to sublet the property or to have long-term clients. All tenants are jointly liable under the California Civil Code, paragraph 1659, which means that if the rent is not paid or if the property is damaged, the landlord can claim damages from any tenant up to the full amount, regardless of the agreements the tenants have between them. The tenant agrees to pay a deposit of no more than two months` rent for an unfurnished apartment or three months` rent for a furnished apartment. The owner must return or record the deposit in accordance with the California Civil Code, Section 1950.5. Santa Cruz County requires interest to be paid on bail. If the owner accepts pets, the owner can request an additional security deposit as long as it does not exceed the maximum deposit indicated. Since its inception in 1965, the University of California, Santa Cruz, has gained international recognition as a university with effective research and a strong commitment to teaching and public services.

Rigorous academic programs and cutting-edge research opportunities in first-class institutions distinguish UC Santa Cruz and teach students how to think instead of thinking. Do not fill out this entry form, it is only used for bot control purposes. . The owner is committed to providing an acoustic structure with sanitary, water, heating, lighting, waste disposal and smoke detectors. The tenant agrees to maintain the property and respect the quiet schedules. The landlord can ask the tenant for other tasks. The owner can only enter the premises in case of an emergency without notice or make repairs. The tenant has the right to demand reasonable repairs of the property without retaliation, and may withhold the rent if they are not supplemented by the California Civil Code, Section 1942. This spacious 1 bedroom apartment features a warm wooden floor, large windows, a private terrace and a laundry. Modern kitchen and bath faucets, gynecologists and stainless steel appliances make it a place you proudly call home. Take advantage of your gourmet cuisine to enjoy the wealth of fresh produce from two local agricultural markets.

Stay in shape for the weekend mountain bike at the fitness centre or soak up the sun on our sparkling pool and spa. Both the landlord and the tenant agree that the communications should be made in writing. Learn more about the University of California, Santa Cruz live in nature, near everything you want and need on the west of Santa Cruz. . The lessor agrees to provide insurance coverage only for the structure. The owner may agree to make certain repairs or improvements to the property. The tenant receives information on the sex offender registry. The tenant receives information about lead paint. Enjoy luxurious finishes and spacious square meters in this brand new beachfront apartment. This plan includes a well-equipped kitchen with quartz bars and stainless steel appliances, a washing machine and tumble dryer of the entire size, as well as a private terrace. Near the University of California Santa Cruz and the famous Beach Boardwalk, between the banks of the San Lorenzo River and the waves, the Pacific Shores plunges into a luxury close to the beach.