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This licensing agreement (the “contract”) defines the conditions under which Mark Aventura, the owner of IconBros (the “licensee”), must give you access to certain jobs (see below) (the “licensee,” “you” or “you”). This agreement provides for the free use of symbols, fonts, images and other multimedia content (together the work) that are made available via the website (the “website”). By downloading or copying a work, you agree to the following terms and conditions. The works on the site are the copyrighted property of the licensee. The licensee grants the licensee a single, non-exclusive and non-transferable user license for the use of the plant, based on the terms of this agreement. You agree that the work is part of the design and does not constitute the basis or the main component of the product, presentation or application marketed by the licensee. In addition, you agree not to sell, redistribute, sublicensing, share or transfer the work to other people or organizations. Some works, such as logos or trademarks, are subject to copyright and require the consent of a third party for the transfer of these rights. The licensee is responsible for making available all rights, agreements and licenses for the use of the plant.

The purchaser does not use the work as part of a logo, mark or service mark. The licensee may use the plant in non-commercial and commercial projects, services or products, BUT THE LINE TO ICONBROS. The licensee can adapt or modify the plant in accordance with its requirements. The taker may not sell, retransmit, sub-license, share or transfer the work to other persons or entities. You agree to compensate the licensee for any claim, warranty, damage, fees (including legal fees) or any other debt resulting from a violation of this Agreement or related to a violation of this Agreement, resulting from the use of the website or plant, non-compliance with plant use restrictions or third-party claims regarding the use of a work.