Weekly Sound System Rental Rates

For small sound system rentals in Sacramento and the surrounding area, please start by entering the dates when you will need to pick-up and when you would like to return the system. Once you enter the dates, the correct rental calculator will load on the page.

Daily Rate: will load for Monday thru Thursday Pick-Up’s with return the next day.

Weekend Rate: will load for Friday Pick-Up’s with Monday return (we are closed on weekends).

Weekly Rates: used when Picked-Up on any weekday and returned the following week on the day prior to the Pick-Up day. Any rental that doesn’t use Daily or Weekend rate will use Weekly rate.

The typical/ideal configuration for a small party or wedding would consist of:

  • 2 JBL PRX712 speakers w/stands
  • 2 JBL SRX818SP subwoofers (2 for dance music, or 1 for less bass)
  • Microphones (wired or wireless, your choice – up to 6 total wired or wireless)
  • 1 Mixer
  • 1 CD player (your choice)

All cables up to 50′ in length included with rental. If you plan to connect your iPod or computer, please specify iPod/computer adaptor (included upon request).

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Return Date:



Wireless Microphones

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