What Is A Release Agreement In Spanish

Is it a release form? Is it a document that releases school-type commitments related to what the parent gives to the child or school? A translation of a non-responsibility form (renouncement): permission of what? For the child to go on an excursion? To receive medical care? To do extracurricular sports? Authorization for school at…….. I thought condonacion was more of a “forgiveness” of a debt, a payment, fines, etc., not a withdrawal or deferral of liability. I have a legal license for a local school system. They also have access to many other tools and opportunities developed for those who have (or are passionate) language-related jobs. Participation is free and the website has a strict privacy policy. There are many online in Spanish. I would check a few to read the appropriate vocabulary to meet your needs. I have a legal license for a local school system. There is a ton of legal terminology. The form itself is entitled: Assumption of Risk and Release Agreement. I translated it as: Suposicion de Riesgo y Acuerdo de Liberacion. Is that technically enough? Should I use Condonar instead? Would it be nice to say Condonacion? Sign up or sign up (free and only takes a few minutes) to participate in this question.